The Year of Food & Beverage

Jesse Kloskey

2016 has been a year of increased focus on strengthening F&B operations for IDM. I’m very excited to be joining the team, and looking forward to working with all of you!

One of the first aspects of this focus was the Chef’s Conference, held at HotelRED in June. It marked the first time the Chefs from all IDM properties gathered to discuss successes and challenges that are shared at each operation. From strengthening vendor relationships, to staffing and employee retention, a common theme emerged: that many of the challenges faced are ones that are also encountered at each property. While many of these issues, especially staffing, are currently industry wide, there are some that are unique to the nature of IDM’s properties.

Menu changes is one of those unique aspects, and is going to be an area of focus over the next few months. The boutique properties offer much diversity in F&B operations, from style, price point, and brand, but have a shared goal of appealing to as many people as possible-the business traveler looking for their favorite breakfast item, the local looking for a relaxing and consistent experience, or the bride-to-be seeking the perfect setting for the big day. Just that need to have a wide appeal is vastly different from many stand alone, independent restaurants, we have even more factors that add to the process. The goal of the menu change process will be to streamline these factors, interpet feedback to target areas of change, and have some productive discussion on how best to produce those changes.

The most recent addition to the IDM portfolio is The Geneva Inn. The restaurant underwent a much needed renovation beginning in January, and after a few whirlwind months, was reopened at the end of May. Throughout the process, the owner David Schawk, was very firm in his focus “We need to have great food, no excuses”. The resulting restaurant is beautiful, boasting a world class lake view, a centerpiece wine display with 500 bottle selection of top wines from California, France, and Italy, and a modern Steakhouse menu that focuses on Prime cuts of steak, and fresh seafood. It’s truly a great restaurant experience, and we look forward to returning the Geneva Inn to the “Crown Jewel of Dining” in the area.