The Power of Change

“Progress is impossible without change” George Bernard Shaw famously said, and at IDM we believe just that. Living in an industry that focuses almost exclusively on creating the perfect guest experience, every project, no matter how successful or unsuccessful, needs to continuously be assessed. When the opportunity for improvement presented itself at two of our restaurants, The Wise at HotelRED, Madison, Wisconsin; and Café at the Plaza, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we excitedly took the leap.

The bulk of the renovations at The Wise include expansion and new layout of the dining area/lobby. These changes are in response to guest feedback that requested a more social and distinct dining experience. Bar renovations will include a set up that caters to the ever-growing trend of craft cocktails that will display fresh ingredients and create a unique ambiance.

At the Café at the Plaza, similar renovations will take place to accommodate the growing popularity for the well-known breakfast and lunch hub that was featured in Milwaukee Magazine’s Best Breakfasts earlier this year. In order to further reach out to the business professionals that live and work in the downtown area, the renovations will also include the addition of a small meeting space.

Both projects are set to begin this February. Currently, there are no major interruptions with regular service, however we invite you to stay updated on their statuses and encourage you to check their websites prior to your visit.

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