The Numbers Behind The Bachelor Buzz

When The Bachelor came to Dubuque to film their 19th season six months ago, we knew there would be an increase in buzz, we just didn’t know how much. After being featured in numerous episodes, including the season finale, Hotel Julien Dubuque had a noticeable change in their Facebook following. Now that the show has come to an end, we have looked back at how those numbers have changed.

Facebook followers have reached 4,044, a 16% increase in less than three months. In the previous quarter, followers were gained at an average rate of about 15 per week. From January through March, that rate has risen to 43 new followers per week.

Not only has the hotel gained followers, but it is also gaining interest. Since January, there has also been an 870% increase in average engagement and an 880% increase in average organic reach compared to the previous quarter.

Not only are these changes in Facebook activity great for brand recognition, but they are an exciting way to be part of a bigger conversation with Bachelor fans and romantics nationwide.