On A Mission for Knowledge

Its officially that time of the year: IDM is starting to gear up for their annual sales conference. Put on by the corporate team each year, the conference provides learning tools for our general managers and sales teams. In addition, it is a great way for our teams to network  and enhance the camaraderie amongst the “independent” side of the hotel industry. Not to mention, the conferences are always incredibly fun and take on a different theme every year which echoes our upcoming company-wide sales goals.

This year’s theme, Mission Possible, devised to inspire tact, strategy, and perseverance, will come to life at the Geneva Inn in early December. It will feature topics including marketing trends, meeting planner panels, STR analysis, and utilizing LinkedIn for sales. We will also discuss policy changes  with Wisconsin Hotel and Lodging Association President & CEO, Trisha Pugal, and go over new trends in hotels with real estate developer, Doug Nysee. A sub-theme of this year’s conference is to examine success and expertise within IDM’s ranks. Speakers from within the company are featured and in-depth peer-to-peer discussions are commonplace.

As December approaches, IDM’s cooperate office and conference committee is hard at work to create yet another valuable and inspiring conference for their properties and is incredibly excited for what it has in store.