New Horizons

At its inception, the partners of IDM were forged together by a passion for the idea we could create community based boutique hotels that offered an authentic regional experience and a genuine spirit of hospitality in a world of replicated anonymous products.

This passion has in fact become one of our core competencies. We have been fortunate to develop or contribute to the development of more than a dozen such properties.

Currently IDM Hospitality is working with Joseph James Partners on pre-development massing and space allocation within a historic building on Main Street in the Rockford, Illinois, City Center.

“Our team is almost complete,” says Peter Provenzano, Managing Partner of Joseph James. “We have received strong support and guidance from; the City of Rockford, IDM Hospitality, Larson & Darby Group Architectural and Randolph Construction of Gurnee, IL.”

The hotel is planned to be open in late 2016.

Quips Sean Skellie, “Delightfully we are challenged to determine how many bowling alleys we can fit in the hotel; that’s right, bowling and craft beer! We want to stay true to the Midwestern spirit of hospitality and fun!”