Annual GM & Sales Conference

November at IDM means reuniting with friends, reigniting our energy, and refreshing our perspectives. This year’s annual GM & Sales Conference, It’s a Jungle Out There, was meant to help our managers with the challenges that often arise in their environment and revisit the fundamentals.

One of the things we’ve learned over many years of providing these conferences to our managers is that they arguably learn the most by discussing and analyzing their own experiences with each other. This year we included many discussion-based sessions that required group collaboration. In “Using Pinterest as a Tool” participants talked about how they use the platform for their own lives to gain the perspective of the user experience. General Managers and Sales Managers broke out into sub-session round tables lead by their peers to promote collaboration and facilitate brainstorming.

Additionally, our teams were given a refresh on basics such as business writing, etiquette, and annual updates to property management systems. Taking the time to revisit the fundamentals of our business is critical to smooth operations in our hotels and fresh perspective for our managers.

IDM is thrilled to join forces with our managers for our November reunions. We aim to continue to bring our teams valuable resources and learning opportunities now and into the future.