Food & Beverage Conference Takeaways

IDM recently held its second annual 2015 Food & Beverage Conference in junction with the Midwest Foodservice Expo held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While historically IDM hosts an annual sales conference, last year an opportunity to supply a second, smaller conference with a restaurant focus was conceived. Because food and beverage is such a prominent part of our business for many of our properties, we wanted to give our managers the attention and education they deserve. This year’s conference did not disappoint and between the expo sessions, talks with local chefs, and discussions within our own group, our team left Milwaukee with new inspiration.

” I got the most out of the Food Cost and Analysis presentation.  It brought a lot of different factors to light and presented several straight forward approaches to controlling costs and eliminating discrepancies between cost and inventory. However, I would say the most positive experience for me, was meeting the other property managers, and IDM team. It’s truly a pleasure to be apart of such a wonderful and professional team of individuals.”

– Chef Zach, The Order at Hotel Vandivort


“It always ring’s true that no matter what stage your career is in, taking the time to network with vendors is so valuable; no matter if it’s a new connection or a refreshing of an existing relationship, there is always value. It’s imperative that we have partnerships to create successful and rewarding experiences!”

-Debbie Rice, General Manager at Jefferson Street Inn


” [It was great] … getting all of us together and providing us the opportunity for us to grow in our fields, and to meet other people in our types of work. It was very interesting to hear what people struggle with and what others do at a high level. As an employee at IDM, I feel great about my future with the company and was very happy to be a part of the three days in Milwaukee.”

– Chef Wally, Libby McNeill’s at Hotel Marshfield

We’re looking forward to see what topics are trending next year and are excited to return to Milwaukee hungry for more in 2016.