Our Core Beliefs


  • Every decision we make and every level of operations is analyzed through the lens of each hotel’s own brand.
  • We operate unique independent hotels with uniquely independent associates…we celebrate uniqueness.
  • The best independent hotels reflect a vibrant local culture and have a community soul.


  • While hotels are unique, hospitality is universal. To IDM, hospitality is accommodating, friendly, generous, warm, affable, amiable, consideration, cordial, sociable and welcoming.
  • Hospitality isn’t about delivering service, it’s how the guest is made to feel when receiving service.


  • IDM co-workers are generous, obliging, considerate, cheerful and companionable.
  • Service is a monologue…we define our service and standards without the guest present and it takes commitment on the part of the company to train and the associate to learn.
  • Hospitality is a dialogue… and flows from guest engagement and requires listening with every sense and follow through with thoughtful, gracious, appropriate responses.


  • Whether with the hotelier or the guest, we count success when we realize a sense of shared ownership for the hotel.
  • Shared ownership builds trust and acceptance, and the long-term result is a hotel that becomes an institution within its community.