10 Bars That Make Missouri More Than Just a Fly-Over State



Not even a year old, the bar at The Order has become a Springfield weekend hotspot for those looking to dodge the college crowds and enjoy a more refined cocktail or dinner out on the town. Housed inside the lobby of the boutique hotel Vandivort, this restaurant and bar has honed in on all things fresh from the often-changing dinner menu to the selection of signature cocktails.

For something simple and classic, you can’t go wrong with the Smoked Old Fashioned. Missouri Spirits bourbon is paired with simple syrup and housemade orange bitters. Or better yet, skip dessert and indulge with the 1913—a rich blend of Askinosie cacao nibs infused rum, torched strawberry shrub and a spritz of lime juice.

Once you have your cocktail in hand, wander outside the bar and into the hotel lobby, which offers a variety of seating. One corner houses a built-in fireplace and ample couches while farther down the way a farmhouse-style wooden table is usually crowded around by chatting diners. With several vignettes to drift between for a change in venue and a cocktail selection filled with fresh flavors, there’s plenty of reason to settle in for a night at The Order.

The Order
305 East Walnut Street
Springfield, Missouri